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Reading Sacred Poetry Ways in which poetry can inform our lives and resources for using it.
Being Grateful Feeling joy for what you have
Present Moment Wonderful Moment Thich Nhat Hanh explaining the continuation of self using your hands.
Togetherness Expressing gratitude
Reverence Practice reverence for life. The sacred is in, with, and under all the things of the world. Respond with appropriate respect and awe.
A Natural Law of Magnetism Welcoming what life has to offer you
How to Live in the World and Still Be Happy Hugh Prather on finding our location of the self within us.
Earning Forgiveness Taking responsibility for your behavior
Kindness Let Spirit flow through you in little acts of kindness, brief words of encouragement, and manifold expressions of courtesy. These deeds will add to the planet's fund of good will.
Work Matters Forgetting the results