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Birthday of Margaret Mead Honoring the anthropologist who insisted on the value of human diversity.
Birthday of Harry Chapin (PDP) Remembering the singer/songwriter whose story songs focused on the challenges facing Americans.
Birthday of Mark Twain (PDP) A celebration of Samuel Langhorne Clemens' wit and wisdom.
Honoring Sojourner Truth (PDP) Celebrating the life of one of the greatest abolitionists and suffragists of all times.
Birthday of Corita Kent (PDP) Honoring the nun, pop artist, and educator.
Birthday of Robert Kennedy (PDP) Acknowledging the energy, courage, flexibility, and wisdom of an icon of the 1960s.
Birthday of Dorothy Day (PDP) An opportunity to firm up our commitments to service of others, peace, and justice.
Birthday of Eugene V. Debs (PDP) Honoring an ardent advocate of liberty and peace.
Birthday of Vandana Shiva Honoring the Indian scholar, author, and eco-feminist who believes that whoever controls seed controls the Earth.
Birthday of Will Rogers (PDP) Remembering the cowboy philosopher who saw the funny side of politics.