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Exploring Selected Poems of Walt Whitman and Maya Angelou Practicing democracy through the wisdom of two highly acclaimed U.S. poets.
Election Day (U.S.) (PDP) An opportunity to express our values and visions on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.
Always in Season A harrowing and revealing interrogation of the legacy of lynching in the United States.
Invigorating Communications between Representatives and Constituents Creating a healthier democracy by using spiritual practices to deepen relationships between politicians and those they serve.
Luce A taut psychological thriller that questions race, identity, and class assumptions.
Exploring A Good Man Is Hard to Find Themes and practices for Flannery O'Connor's uncompromising yet comical collection of short stories.
Mountaintop A documentary about the recording of the Colorado album by Neil Young with the band Crazy Horse.
The Undefeated An ode to the resilience and accomplishments of African Americans.
Student Activist Starter Guide Resources for building peace, justice, and democracy.
Consuming Passions A superb glimpse of the far-reaching and immersive nature of consumer society.