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Election Day (U.S.) (PDP) An opportunity to express our values and visions on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.
Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President AFI Docs Film Festival: A rollicking documentary about the former president's love of music and hospitality to musicians.
We Are Called to Be a Movement A rousing sermon about the need to join together.
Speaking Peace in a Climate of Conflict A call to reinvent what peace looks like in our time.
Forward Together A call to find faith and spirituality in the fight for justice.
Speaking Peace in a Climate of Conflict Dazzling essays on the amazing power, variety, and impact of words.
Boys State AFI Docs Film Festival: A documentary about white boys playing politics and trashing the values of citizenship.
Democracy Matters A sobering, prophetic, and hopeful reading of America and what lies ahead.
Democracy Matters Notes on the democratic tradition and a key figure in its history, Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Street Fighting Men Portraits of three working class African-American men trying to keep their souls alive in crisis-ridden Detroit.