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Be Happy Mantras for the well-being of all the creation.
Affirmations for Health, Well-being and Self-esteem Affirmations for a holy relationship with ourselves, God, and everyone we meet.
Healing Affirmations Affirmations for strengthening our faith in ourselves and God.
Trusting God Affirmations for trusting in God and surrendering to God's will.
Affirming Hope, Serenity and Courage A prayer for living with faith, joy, and purpose.
Prayer for Our Journeys A traditional prayer for a long journey or a daily one.
Free to Choose A prayer to move forward free of the pictures and thoughts of the past.
Dancing for Joy A prayer that salutes dance as an act of devotion.
Medicine Bottle Prayer A visual prayer for honoring your health.
Jugular Prayer Edward Hays on the devotional throat prayer.