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The Beloved Prayer A three-part guided meditation for use in solitude, with a spiritual director, or in small prayer groups.
Rosary Prayer Instructions for using the rosary.
Paying Bills Gunilla Norris on paying bills with gratitude.
Litany for Listeners Michael Hansen on becoming a listening presence to one another.
Washing Feet A gatha to cultivate mindfulness and a nurturing relationship to our body.
Touching the Earth A gatha to cultivate mindfulness of our relationship to life and the earth in every moment.
Life's Last Quarter A prayer from a church in Aotearoa, New Zealand that speaks to those who are facing the uncertainties of aging.
Dreaming of America A prayer for a nation of peace, freedom, and love.
Love the World A prayer to love and care for all the creation.
Earth Teach Me A Lakota prayer for the wisdom of the earth.