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Values & Visions Circles - Program Planning Ideas for program planning for Values & Visions Circles: choosing your program type, the role of guides (person and print), what to do when you are together, when to watch the movie, and next steps.
Hands A worship service dedicating our hands to service.
A Blessing Service A service based on Christ's blessings in Matthew 5.
Multifaith Prayer Service for the Nation Suggestions for planning a service that reflects on and promotes democratic values.
We Too Sing America Program plans for discussions about race.
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work on Simplicity A personal retreat on living freely, simply, and from the heart.
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work with Darkness A personal retreat to work with the spiritual importance of darkness and the dark night of the soul.
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work with Light A personal retreat to work with the spiritual significance of light.
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work with Memories A personal retreat to harvest your memories and practice making new ones.
Ways to Use the Spiritual Literacy DVDs Listing of links for models of use for the series.