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Confronting Our Guests: Moving from Certainty to Curiosity Advice on how to be receptive and curious in our conversations.
Your Contemplation Style Donald Altman on learning how to practice your own contemplation style.
Reminders Jack Kornfield's recommendation to follow the example of the Babemba tribe's forgiveness ritual.
A Spirit of Forgiveness A six-step forgiveness meditation to practice when you are feeling wounded by someone else's words or deeds.
Connections Practice A practice suggestion from the Brussat's Alphabet of Progressive Christian Spirituality.
Learn from the Penguins A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
From Enmity to Friendship A prayer practice for loving your enemies.
Receptive Listening A daily practice to be fully present and listen wholeheartedly.
A Generous Heart A daily practice to grow in generosity of spirit for yourself and others.
Forgiveness A guided meditation for forgiving those who have caused us pain.