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Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gandhi and Lassie A teaching story and advice on how to make sound decisions.
Blessing for Loved Ones A blessing for those you love.
The One Good Thing Encouragement to share at least one upbeat memory with your loved ones whenever you connect.
Stand There A prayer exercise for visualizing healing and peace for someone with whom you are having difficulty.
Healing and Forgiveness for Someone You Find Difficult A prayer process for healing difficult relationships.
Seven Practices for Peace A seven-day plan to give peace a chance and to help end war through small daily practices.
Domestic Courtship A prescription for a more sacramental life: show simple affection.
Verbal Nourishment Observations on the merits of celebrating your beloved.
The Greatest Gift Wisdom about the greatest gift of love -- being there.
Concrete Love A model for becoming a force of love for yourself and others.