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Imagining Our Way to Empathy Guidance for establishing empathy in a relationship.
Celebrating the Difference You’ve Made in Each Other’s Lives A meditation, ritual, and blessing for the angels in our lives.
Expressing Loving-Kindness Even for Unlovable Parts A neuroplasticity practice to cultivate self-acceptance and resilience.
Conflict Resolution Suggestions for how to clear up unfinished business.
Steadfast Loving An illustration of how we can practice being loving in life's small details.
The Giveaway The basic instruction manual for all compassion do-it-yourselfers, aspiring bodhisattvas, and saints manqué.
Open Sentences How to honor our pain with each other.
Giving Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ronald S. Miler on giving yourself the gift of forgiveness.
Steps to Forgiveness A process of doing the inner work of forgiveness.
Unfolding Love Guidance for increasing your capacity for and experience of love.