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Hanukkah Ways to celebrate Hanukkah and the sacred importance of light.
New Year's Prayers & Blessing Devotional prayers about New Years, new beginnings, and the future.
Pentecost: Celebrating the Gifts of the Spirit Ways to celebrate this Christian holiday marking the coming of the Holy Spirit, with special rituals, meals, and lots of red things.
Crying Out to the Holy One A personal ritual for those dark times when you feel separate from God.
The Seven Directions An Iroquois oral tradition recorded by Jose Hobday.
We Bless This Child A ritual invocation for God's favor and protection upon a child.
Erosion An account of the gifts and blessings for two friends' wedding.
In God's Hands A spiritual exercise for turning our burdens over to God.
Bringing Hope to the World Creating a "Rope of Hope" ceremony by braiding strands of yarn or twine.
Planting Hope Writing a hope on a paper and burying it under a live houseplant.