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Recognizing God as Already with Us The difference between looking for, and finding, God.
Feathers in the Wind A teaching story on the difficulty of rectifying thoughtless speech.
Who Am I? A teaching story and practices about forgiveness and non-judgment.
Bhagavad Gita A beautiful analogy about the process of perceiving God.
Thanksgiving A teaching story and other resources for exploring the spiritual practice of gratitude.
Feed the Wolf An analogy that underscores how blind we are to wonders right before our eyes.
Being God's Partner Jeffrey K. Salkin's teaching story on enthusiasm at work through serving God and helping others.
Pocket Peace A teaching story about generosity and the true worth of things.
Radical Loving A poetic vision of how our troubled world can be transformed through love.
Food for The Heart Ajahn Chah on the realization that conquered his fear of death.