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That's (Not) Mine
A thoroughly delightful morality tale about sharing things.
Zero Kisses for Me
A perky story about a little boy who declares his independence in the morning but still needs demonstrations of his mother's love at night.
Cain and Abel
The perfect children's book to use in discussing what causes wars and how to prevent them.
One Love
A feel-good children's picture book based on a popular reggae song by Bob Marley.
In God's Name
A reverent children's book that conveys the many faces of the one God.
Picture My Day
A children's scapbook that engenders the spiritual practice of gratitude.
I Wish Tonight
A mystical tale of yearning for a better, more loving world of joy and mutual sharing.
Milo Armadillo
The story of a little girl who learns to let go of her idea of possessing a fluffy pink rabbit and treasure a unique gift from her grandmother.
God's Paintbrush
A delightful children's book that conveys the pleasure in seeking God in everyday life.
Yoko’s Show-and-Tell
A sprightly story affirming cross-cultural values and forgiveness.