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Stone Soup
A traditional folk tale adapted to the setting of China where a closed-off village learns the spiritual rewards of sharing.
Cain and Abel
The perfect children's book to use in discussing what causes wars and how to prevent them.
Zen Shorts
An enchanting introduction to Zen for young children.
In God's Name
A reverent children's book that conveys the many faces of the one God.
Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!
A delightful story about a Big Bear who demonstrates the kindness of courtesy.
I Wish Tonight
A mystical tale of yearning for a better, more loving world of joy and mutual sharing.
Earth Day, Birthday!
Story about how a disagreement among animals in the jungle opens the door to a both/and view of the world and reality.
God's Paintbrush
A delightful children's book that conveys the pleasure in seeking God in everyday life.
My Friends the Flowers
Encourages children to see flowers as friends and companions on our ecological journey together.
Old Turtle
A children's classic that celebrates the sacredness of life and the glory of God who shows through everywhere.