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The Boy and The Book
How a little boy learns to respect books.
Cain and Abel
The perfect children's book to use in discussing what causes wars and how to prevent them.
A children's book that heralds the imaginative play of a little girl who has an adventure in the attic of her home.
In God's Name
A reverent children's book that conveys the many faces of the one God.
A special children's book about an old woman, who is said to be a witch, who reaches out to make her enemies into friends.
The Beejum Book
A magical mystery tour that will give you abundant pleasure and insights into travel, enchantment, mysticism, religion, and philosophy.
Stripes and Spots
An enchanting children's tale about a little striped tiger and a little spotted leopard who share an adventure together in the jungle.
I Wish Tonight
A mystical tale of yearning for a better, more loving world of joy and mutual sharing.
Anh's Anger
Shows how a little boy learns to befriend his anger and in so doing to transform it.
God's Paintbrush
A delightful children's book that conveys the pleasure in seeking God in everyday life.