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Boring Franz Metcalf's answer to the question, "What would Buddha do when bored?"
Jiko Kohno in Right View, Right Life The Buddha also taught lay people the virtue
Paul Brunton in Zen Soup I have often been asked what I thought
Prayer for Dialogue with Greater Religions A supplication of deep respect for all those who seek to know the divine.
David Chadwick in To Shine One Corner of the World A wonderful teaching from Zen master Shunryu Suzuki on the value of beginner's mind.
Verses for Zen Buddhist Practice Vows for daily practice of attention, connection, devotion, reverence and mystery.
Do Your Day Like a Buddha A secret and inspiring "as if" exercise.
What Would Buddha Do? Defeating your enemies with grace.
A Spiritual Notebook Remembering why we travel the spiritual path.
Nurture Others A reminder to tenderly love everyone and everything.