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Faces of Muhammad Historical context for European portrayals of Islam and its founder over the centuries.
The Passionate Troubadour Edward Hays' fictional story of hospitality between St. Francis and a Sufi.
An Emerald Earth A Sufi perspective on the value of being tested in the spiritual life.
Faces of Muhammad A summary of surprising portrayals of Muhammad.
Radical Love Terse and wondrous poems from the mystical Islamic path
Fundamentals of Rumi's Thought An appreciation for all paths leading to God.
Ninety-Nine Names of the Beloved Poetic reflections on the many ways the qualities of the Divine can be experienced in our lives.
Letters to a Young Muslim An inspiring and spirited series of letters in which a father passes on his vision and hopes for Muslims.
Muhammad Michael Muhammad Knight writes about what jihad really means.
Muhammad A collection of different and imaginative ways of meeting the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad.