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Meeting the Shadow of Spirituality A hard look at the abuse that can occur when disciples project their highest hopes on leaders, teachers, or gurus.
Transforming Suffering Practices and wise counsel from Christian and Buddhist monks attending the 2002 Gethsemani Encounter.
Dearest Sister Wendy The love and touch of God.
Somebodies and Nobodies A watershed work calling for a dignitarian movement based on reverence for the personhood of all people.
We Drink from Our Own Wells An exploration of the challenges and the joys of those who are poor.
Spare the Child Charts the dire effects of corporeal punishment on private and public life in America.
Food for The Heart An explanation of how being open to the truth leads to peace.
The Compassionate Community An on-target volume dealing with four intractable social problems.
Dry Bones and Holy Wars Forgiving as freeing.
How to Love Animals Stories of first-hand experiences which supply reasons to radically change the way we treat animals.