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Resources about Human Trafficking A selection of films and a book about human trafficking and modern day slavery.
Crumb A documentary about a controversial underground comics artist who talks freely about his strangeness.
Osama The harrowing tale of subjugated women in Afghanistan under the merciless rule of the Taliban.
Conspiracy of Silence A thoughtful drama about challenges faced by reform-minded Catholics who want to see priests given the option of marrying.
The Rainmaker A riveting pot boiler celebrating the zeal for justice.
An Unfinished Life A sensitive treatment of the slow and often difficult process of forgiveness after years of hurt, anger, and disappointment.
Bad Education A valentine to the film noir genre and its capacity to depict the strange things people will do to fulfill their forbidden yearnings.
Mystic River A tense murder-mystery that finds director Clint Eastwood on familiar ground exploring themes of guilt and innocence, good and evil, and anger and revenge.
Battle in Heaven (Batalla En El Cielo) Depicts the spiritual emergency of an amoral man in Mexico City who plunges into despair and turns to sex as a way out of his funk.
Stevie A wrenching documentary by the filmmaker of Hoop Dreams about his complicated relationship with a troubled young man arrested for molesting an eight-year-old girl.