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Knight and Day Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on a wild and suspenseful ride.
Curious George A pleasant 2-D cartoon for very young children about a little monkey who teaches a serious young man about the pleasures of play.
Europa Report A suspenseful drama proving that outer space is a very mysterious and a very dangerous place.
Fantastic Mr. Fox A delightful adaptation of a Roald Dahl children's tale about a charming, smart and cunning fox and his quest to be true to his animal nature.
Stardust A pleasant adult fairy tale about a young man who goes on a quest and returns home a different person transformed by what he has seen and experienced.
The Secret Life of Pets A delightful and funny animated family film about the playfulness of animals.
Frankenweenie A strange and appealing animated film that explores the unusual adventures of a lonely boy and his eternally frisky dog.
Star Trek A spunky adventure that is a raft, a map, and a reinvented story
Iceberg (L'iceberg) A Belgian slapstick comedy about leaving home and finding the perfect iceberg to chill out on.
2010 A wondrous piece of science fiction.