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The Art of Affirmation Robert Furey on affirmation as an act of kindness.
You Can Heal Your Life Affirmation Kit Louise Hay on using affirmations as a beginning point on the path to change.
The Power of Affirmative Faith Bruce G. Epperly on concretizing faith.
Prayers to the Great Creator Four prayer books in one volume revealing the multidimensional nature of our yearning for God.
The Power of Affirmative Faith Twenty-eight affirmations to help Christians and others to put their faith into action.
Holy Adventure Bruce G. Epperly with a prayer, an affirmation, and a practice on forgiveness.
Healing Houses Sheldon Norberg's affirmations for a calm, relaxed, and joyous home.
The History of New Thought A well-done and wide-ranging history of the New Thought spirituality movement.
The Gift of Kabbalah Tamar Frankiel on affirmation that can be used in spiritual practices.