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The World We Have Thich Nhat Hanh on being grateful for this land.
The Jewel Tree of Tibet Presents some tools to practice love and compassion in our uneasy and troubled world.
A Cherokee Feast of Days Insights from the lips of Native Americans.
The Jewel Tree of Tibet Wisdom on bliss, love, and compassion.
God's Top 10
Sacred Legacies Explores four acts of personal power that can positively affect the future.
The World Has Changed Alice Walker on how our spiritual connections with clothing, objects, and our ancestors deserves our attention.
Awakening Through Love John Makransky's guided meditation on the practice of love.
Living Buddha, Living Christ A masterwork that builds bridges by celebrating the best within Buddhism and Christianity.
The Elements of Native American Traditions A sturdy introduction to the beliefs and practices of over 20 tribes in the Americas.