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"I May Never Understand" - Lyrics A song about the spiritual practice of mystery.
Dirty Bow Wow A humorous and endearing book that is a perfect gift for dog lovers.
Through a Dog's Ear An unusual and practical CD put together by a psychoacoustic expert, a concert pianist, and a veterinary neurologist.
Susan Seddon Boulet A stunningly beautiful volume of shamanic art and much more.
Hans Holbein The Younger's A Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling Connecting with a portrait of a woman immersed in the world of nature.
A Time for Playing A celebration in words and photographs of wild animals playing in the wilderness.
True Nature A salute to the spiritual practices of attention and wonder.
Zen Cat Quotations matched to pictures of cats and kittens.
Zen Dog A presentation of these endearing animals as spiritual teachers.
Lumpito and the Painter from Spain A heart-warming story about a dachshund's dreams coming true when he meets a famous painter who changes his life.