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Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit A witty and wonderful clay-animated comedy that is a charmer from start to finish with its two endearing antiheroes and its clever puns and wry references to other movies.
Brother Bear Eschews the competitive and self-centered values of popular culture and proclaims the grooming of one's spirit with love and caretaking.
Amores Perros A searing Mexican film that depicts the toxicity of human betrayal.
Buddy A fine family film filled with rich lessons about human and animal interaction.
The Amazing Panda Adventure A fine family film about the ties that bind-both human and animal.
Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book Boasts a hero who has a mystical rapport with animals.
Black Beauty A wonderful film that is true to the letter and the spirit of this classic children's story.
Turtle Diary A small, idiosyncratic uplifting movie about two people who try to change their lives though an adventuresome project.
The Black Stallion The enchanting story of a boy whose life is enriched by his relationship with a magnificent horse.
Cat and Mouse A comic thriller about a case involving the mysterious death and/or suicide of a wealthy entrepreneur.