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The Dove in the Stone Alice O. Howell on making a good case for reverence for the Divine Guest in our lives.
There Is No Messiah and You're It Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach on reframing the practice of reverence.
The Way of Passion An excerpt on generosity and awareness.
When You're Falling, Dive! Cheri Huber with four points to remember on the spiritual practice of unity.
Zen 24/7 A teaching story about paying attention.
Seasons of Grace Alan Jones's and John O'Neil's salute to gratitude as a way of keeping alert to what is happening inside and all around us, as a practice of attention.
An Obsession with Butterflies Sharman Apt Russell on using imagination to explore what butterflies mean to people.
The Big Bang, The Buddha, and The Baby Boom Wes "Scoop" Nisker on ways people practice hospitality toward different religions.
The Last Barrier Reshad Feild on the path of service as the greatest adventure of all.
How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life Sarvananda Bluestone's story of a would-be Master's disciple's lack of attention.