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Angels and Demons A thinking person's thriller with fascinating twists and turns, insights into Vatican politics, and questions about the relationship of religion and science.
Bill Moyers: The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith A lively series about wisdom traditions and religion's path into the future.
The Ledge A drama about the clash of faith between a zealous Christian fundamentalist and a non-believer with a zest for life.
Save Me A film with the potential to build bridges of understanding between gays and the Religious Right.
Dekalog: One A treatment of the First Commandment similar in spirit and intention to the parables of Jesus.
Doubt A brilliantly acted and thought-provoking spiritual drama about faith, openness, certainty, and not knowing.
Endurance A very special sports drama about the drive, determination and grace of an African athlete who is a hero to young black boys around the world.
Henry Poole Is Here A deeply spiritual movie about miracles, hope, love, and living in the present.
Tomorrowland A sci-fi film that asks a central spiritual question: What is needed for the great work of tikkun -- repairing the world?
Bill Moyers: Faith & Reason Bill Moyers once again sets the gold standard for intelligent conversation on television.