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Good is the Flesh Words to a hymn that encourages seeing our bodies as temples of God.
Gulp A rousing tour of the human digestive track that gives us a fresh appreciation for all the marvels of the body.
Embracing a Beautiful God Patricia Adams Farmer on finding beauty in the hat she loves to wear.
Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices Elliot Dorff and Louis Newman on treating the body with reverence as a vessel for the soul.
Small Pleasures Justine Toms on keeping hope alive by nurturing it through the body.
An Invitation to Christian Yoga 25 exercises from hatha yoga along with ways to see them as body prayers.
The Way of Aikido Explores this martial art as a path to composure, harmony, self-sufficiency and spiritual centeredness.
Stretching Lessons Features the author's yearning for peace or ease in a life of struggle and striving.
Essential Tai Ji An invigorating overview of this ancient martial arts practice designed to facilitate an open body, mind, and spirit.
Tantra An erudite and illuminating overview of the Hindu Tantric heritage.