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Ayurveda: The Art of Being A fascinating documentary that provides a rounded and revealing overview of this ancient holistic healing system.
Ecstatic Dance: The Gabrielle Roth Video Collection Whether you see dance as a spiritual practice, as a close encounter with your body, or as a ritual sweating of your prayers, there are abundant pleasures to be discovered here.
Tibetan Energy Yoga Eight exercises designed to harmonize the masculine and feminine energies in us all, demonstrated by American-born Lama Surya Das.
Without Limits Offers plenty of interesting insights into the beauty, the poetry, the drama and the science of athletic competition.
Wings of Desire A classic film about angels in Berlin that celebrates the sensuous earthy delights of life and love with sympathy and sensitivity.
Riverdance: The Show A sense-luscious triumph with its exquisite dancing, music and songs.
Memoirs of an Invisible Man Offers snapshots of contemporary attitudes toward friendship, love, bureaucracy, and body language.
Perfect Reveals the health club fad to be a hall of mirrors filled with self-absorbed individuals.
The Elephant Man Based on a true account of the disfigured nineteenth-century Englishman, reveals the potential of the human spirit to transcend genetic impairments.
Pumping Iron Delivers a quirky meditation on body-building as an odd mixture of pain and narcisstic pleasure.