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Better Luck Tomorrow An inventively delivered cautionary tale about some smart and upwardly mobile Asian high school students who, bored with their lives, embark on a course of violence and self-destructiveness.
The State of Things An engrossing examination of movie-making.
Time A mesmerizing film by South Korean director Kim Ki-Duk about cosmetic surgery and the yearning of those who put their faith in external physical changes to their bodies.
Close to Home An intimate and well-realized coming-of-age drama about two Israeli teenagers doing obligatory military service in Jerusalem.
Duck Season A light and breezy portrait of adolescence spiked with interesting observations on time, sexuality, and the search for meaning.
Dangerous Liaisons A scintillating study of sexual politics that skillfully presents the cruel ways two malevolent protagonists manipulate their targets and decive others around them.
The Handmaid's Tale A film adaptation of Margaret Atwood's bestselling 1986 novel that heralds freedom as a cherished ideal.
Gemma Bovery A witty French film with some enchanting fireworks between the characters.
Armadillo A chilling documentary about Danish soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.
An Education An alluring coming-of-age drama that provided a multi-textured study of the power and poignancy of human desire.