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John Cage quoted in Going on Being by Mark Epstein If something is boring
People Watching Guidance for observing how people and circumstances affect your enthusiasm.
Toyohiko Kagawa in Zen and the Art of Anything May I never find myself
Boring Franz Metcalf's answer to the question, "What would Buddha do when bored?"
Workplace Tedium Imagining that it's your last day at work.
The Spiritual Value of Repetition and Routine Variety is actually not the spice of the spiritual life; it flourishes when we do the same things over and over again.
Dealing with Dog Days When it's hot and there's nothing new under the sun.
Birthday of John Cage A spiritual practice to cure boredom from the composer who challenged us to be more hospitable and alert to the music going on all around us.
Robert Farrar Capon in The Romance of the Word Our alienation, our boredom, our estrangement
Doodle Getting in touch with your unconscious.