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NOVA scienceNow: How Smart Are Animals? A report on animal intelligence covering dogs, dolphins, octopuses, and more.
NOVA scienceNOW: How Does the Brain Work? Reports on the study of magic, artificial intelligence, and magnetic mind control.
The Bourne Legacy Interesting takes on espionage tools of drones, genetics, and surveillance.
Tears of the Buddha A group of Buddhists teachers on the meaning and value of the emotions in a spiritual life of meditation.
The Horse Boy An extraordinary documentary about an autistic boy, his loving parents and their journey to Mongolia in search of healing through horses and shamans.
Life. Support. Music. The inspiring story of how love and creativity are lifelines pulling a young man who suffered a brain hemorrhage back into the land of the living.
I Am Human An engaging and thought-provoking documentary about cutting-edge brain science.
NOVA: Memory Hackers A fascinating exploration of memory as one of the biggest mysteries of science.
A Brilliant Young Mind A richly developed drama about an autistic teenager's coming-of-age as he begins to connect emotionally with others.
Ex Machina An intriguing four-character sci-fi drama about explorers of artificial intelligence.