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Essential Chan Buddhism Chan Master Guo Jun on how in Chan you can fall in love with your breath.
What Book!? Peter Levitt's poem "The Measure" on the spiritual practice of you.
Birthing God Lana Dalberg on being a gift to the Divine.
Three Steps to Awakening Larry Rosenberg on how breath awareness can result in paying attention to details of ordinary life.
The Path Toward Beauty Francesca Weinmann on how Chinese painting emphasizes transformation.
Spiritual Gems of Islam Jamal Rahman with a healing practice of sacred holding.
The Book of Character Abd-al-Khaliq Ghudjuvani on devotion in a book edited by Camille Adams Helminski.
Finding What You Didn't Lose John Fox on practicing trust and receptivity in poetry-making.
(title not found) Music video and lyrics to the song "By Breath."
Wind Bell Yvonne Rand on practicing the half-smile (in a book edited by Michael Wenger).