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A Woman Like Me A prayer for supporting and partnering with women.
Anniversary of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Accident (PDP) Recalling the worst civilian nuclear power plant accident in U.S. history.
Serenity is Available Anywhere Letting the frenzy call you to inner peace.
Birthday of Muhammad Yunus (PDP) Saluting the pioneer who is helping create a poverty-free world built upon a sharing economy.
Appreciating the Nexus of Provisions Others Provide A reflection to overcome a false sense of independence.
Advocate for Corporate Ethics A call to participate in ensuring corporate moral and social responsibility.
Aikido Colorful anecdotes and thoughtful philosophy to explain this martial art that enhances composure, harmony, self-sufficiency, and spiritual centeredness.
Birthday of Howard Zinn (PDP) Remembering the radical historian and activist who risked all to make his prophetic call for peace and justice in America.
Birthday of Ralph Nader (PDP) Honoring the U.S. political activist, author, and attorney known for challenging corporations and the government to be more accountable to the public.