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King Kong Great adventure story with a sensational performance by Naomi Watts as the beauty who makes even a truly fierce beast beautiful just by loving him.
Boom Bust Boom A spunky and creative critique of neoclassical economics.
Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus An enlightening documentary about the revolution wrought by Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank's micro-finance loans to the poor.
Killing Them Softly A character-driven gangster drama exposing the shadow side of America as nothing more than a business ruled by money, power, and violence.
Even the Rain A film that the late Howard Zinn would appreciate about filmmaking, water rights, ancient Spanish imperialism, and modern-day exploitation of the poor.
Little Pink House A vehement critique of economic injustice, class warfare and corporate power.
The Human Experiment A harrowing look at the irresponsibility of the chemical industry which is making many products that are unsafe to use.
Gift A documentary showing how art keeps moving in circles of sharing, giving, and generosity.
The Queen of Versailles A documentary about a rich couple riding the waves of wealth and greed and then plunging downwards.
Payback An earnest and edifying documentary on the philosophical and ethical ramifications of debt as something owed.