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Joan of Arcadia Spiritual lessons learned from the first season of this CBS-TV drama series.
IMAX Born to Be Wild 3D A helpful and healing documentary for families about the work of two women who are caring for orphan elephants and orangutans.
God Knows Where I Am A disturbing documentary on the plight of a mentally ill American woman.
Pelican Dreams A documentary cherishing the beauty of an injured pelican and her journey back to the wild.
Something New An accomplished African-American woman falls in love with a laid-back white man and realizes he is interested in her true self when he paints her toe nails with a bright red polish.
Motherland An eye-opening documentary about the plight of poor women giving birth in the busiest maternity ward in the world.
Chicken People A delightful documentary about three show chicken breeders whose enthusiasm is wonderful to behold.
Cemetery of Splendor A slow and mesmerizing drama about the interactions of dreams and sleeping, healing and visitations by other-worldly beings in our everyday world.
Eight Below A powerfully emotional film that will be taken to heart by animal lovers of all stripes.
84 Charing Cross Road Vividly conveys the magical ways that friendship can open up new worlds of experience and meaning.