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Douglas Wood - A Voice of the Heart Douglas Wood's remarkable books that touch the heart.
13 Planets A guided tour to the changes in our galactic neighborhood.
Lara's First Christmas A charming tale about faith and the opening of one's heart.
The Goonies A contemporary equivalent to the Hardy Boys adventure tales.
Louisa May Alcott's Little Men A family film bold enough to cherish the inherent goodness of all children and to honor the virtues of nonviolence, honesty and compassion.
Shrek A witty and heart-warming animated comedy about some lovable losers who prove that inner beauty is the true asset in a world where quick judgments all too often cause untold pain.
Little Secrets A touching family film about the things we keep hidden away from each other that create barriers between people.
Wide Awake This wonder-filled film proves that questions can be powerful allies on a spiritual journey.
The Fly A message from a housefly who doesn't get why other animals won't leave him alone.
Quest for the Crystal Castle An adventure that teaches that it's all about the journey, not the destination.