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Marathon A visual valentine to New York subways and streets as well as a meditation on the universal human yearning to test ourselves against the limits of our mental abilities and physical stamina.
Angelo My Love A scrappy little movie about contemporary urban gypsies written an directed by Robert Duvall.
If you live in an old city If you live in an old city
Petits Freres A spirited French film about a feisty teenage girl's attempts to survive in a tough Parisian neighborhood.
The city is opening itself to me The city is opening itself to me
Stars and Bars A portrait of how one man forges a new personality while some terrible things are happening to him.
Trouble in Mind Alan Rudolph's valentine to the film noir genre.
The day is brilliant The day is brilliant
High Hopes A social satire and a rumpled portrait of some endearing oddballs.
Escape from New York Moves swiftrly and succeeds as taut drama.