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Marathon A visual valentine to New York subways and streets as well as a meditation on the universal human yearning to test ourselves against the limits of our mental abilities and physical stamina.
Angelo My Love A scrappy little movie about contemporary urban gypsies written an directed by Robert Duvall.
Petits Freres A spirited French film about a feisty teenage girl's attempts to survive in a tough Parisian neighborhood.
Stars and Bars A portrait of how one man forges a new personality while some terrible things are happening to him.
Trouble in Mind Alan Rudolph's valentine to the film noir genre.
High Hopes A social satire and a rumpled portrait of some endearing oddballs.
The Big Easy A fine gumbo of a movie featuring a brew of police corruption seasoned by an unusual love affair set in New Orleans.
Escape from New York Moves swiftrly and succeeds as taut drama.
The Personals A quest for love by a Taiwan eye doctor that forces her to confront her deepest confusions.
Blade Runner A top-drawer sci-fi drama set in Los Angeles in 2019.