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Host a Soup Night with Neighbors A recommendation to connect and build relationships with your neighbors.
Hafiz Version by Daniel Ladinsky in The Gift Why not be polite
Be the First to Extend Greetings Good manners toward those who perform services.
Little Courtesies "What can we do?" is a question we're hearing a lot these days. Spiritual teachers agree that what's important is that we do something, even if it's small.
Manners Matter A brainstorm with children to identify and practice good manners.
Count Your Words A practice to encourage gentle speech from a Hasidic master.
Good Manners Ways to treat people with respect.
Greeting Someone Online An invitation to bring kindness and mindfulness to emails and other online communication.
Opting Out of the Blame Game Three exercises to help you move from the tendency to blame others when things go wrong to taking responsibility and seeing mistakes as a natural part of life.
Democracy Poster Exhibition An art project to convey children's understandings of democracy.