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Resurrecting Jesus Adyanshanti on how Jesus broke down the barriers which separated people.
Manners and Mischief Scholarly essays on Japanese manners, etiquette manuals, and conduct literature.
The Age of Acquiescence An analysis of the differences between the first Gilded Age after the Civil War and the second at the time of Occupy Wall Street.
Caste A summary of the massive programming in The Matrix movies as a metaphor for the invisible caste system.
Working Words An extraordinary anthology of poems, songs, stories, and historical analysis of the working-class in America
The Cornel West Reader An outstanding overview of the thought, theory, and commitments of the African-American public intellectual.
The Cheating Culture David Callahan on the ethical disarray in American society where class and wealth reign.
White Trash An engrossing historical work on the strange and long-lasting presence of class in American democracy.
White Trash An overview of the role of white trash in America's narrative.
A Book about the Film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life A very funny display of out-of-the-box humor.