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The Wings of the Dove This compelling film reveals the havoc wrought by those who try to control other people's lives.
The Boys in the Boat Thrilling recreation of the quest for Gold in the 1936 Olympics by the American rowing team.
Martin Eden A young man's adventuresome quest to become a successful writer.
The Headless Woman A parabolic Argentine film about a woman who proves that the rich can get away with murder.
Spencer An imagined weekend during which Princess Diana tries to escape the prison of life as a royal.
The Disappearance of Alice Creed A well-acted story of a kidnapping which draws together a rich man's daughter and two captors, who yearn for the freedom they think money can buy.
Seraphine An extraordinary French film about a deeply religious cleaning woman with a passion for creating luminous paintings.
The Maid (La Nana) A portrait of how an enthusiastic woman brings freshness and novelty into the life of a longtime maid who has sunk into exhaustion and depression.
Gridlock'd Exposes the obstacles that that two down-and-out men face in their efforts to turn their lives around.
The Innocent Sleep A gripping tale of international conspiracy and murder.