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Red Alert! Daniel R. Wildcat on how the planet is undergoing severe trauma and how we must act by becoming more attentive to what is happening.
The Oxford Word of 2019 The word of the year for 2019 is "Climate Emergency," according to Oxford Dictionaries. Last year, that honor went to "Toxic." Climate emergency is defined as "a situation in which urgent action …
Dark Green Religion Bron Taylor on dark green religion as a movement based on a view of nature as sacred and worthy of reverent care.
Earth, Sky, Gods and Mortals An innovative guidebook for Christians on ecological spirituality.
A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency Hozan Alan Senauke on spiritual practices and policies to mend the world (in a book edited by John Stanley, David Loy and Gyurme Dorje)
The Great Work An essential volume for anyone who cherishes the earth.
Life Abundant A soul-stirring theological work that calls Christians to be justice in a world of gross inequities and rampant selfishness.
Driven to Extinction Richard Pearson on why species that are alive today are irreplaceable.
Grounded in Love Nancy Roth on taking your ecological footprint to see whether you are violating the commandment to not steal.
Sacred Energies Looks to the world's religions to work together on healing the earth.