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Films About Horses A collection of films highlighting what can be learned from the complex relationships between horses and people.
Terri A bittersweet drama about a cross-generational friendship that proves beneficial to a teenage outsider who is sinking into severe loneliness.
Greetings from the Shore A pleasant coming-of-age drama about an enthusiastic young woman who learns how to change her tidy life plan and go with the flow.
Is Anybody There? A quirky coming-of-age drama that will draw you in with its spiritual undertow and delight.
A Moral Compass By Lila Hazan KidSpirit's Human Dignity issue. The concept of human dignity has never been in the forefront of my mind. I have been raised in a primarily atheist family within a primarily…
Society A poem by KidSpirit Online contributor Keesha Joseph.
Submarine A playful and witty take on the traditional coming-of-age dramas.
Northern Borders The coming-of-age of a patient and resilient boy during his stay with his eccentric grandparents in Vermont.
Billy Elliot The whimsical and inspiring tale about a boy growing up in an English mining town who yearns to become a ballet dancer.
Towelhead A daring film that puts us in the skin of a pretty 13-year-old Arab-American and the challenges and dangers brought into her life by her budding sexuality.
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