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The Reunited States of America Ground rules for political conversations.
Community and the Politics of Place A treatise on the connection between connection to a specific place and the impulse for civic engagement.
The Impulse Society Paul Roberts on how short-term thinking ruins everything in politics.
The Problem of Wealth A parable about the meaning and value of the commons.
Voluntary Simplicity A prediction of the impact of systems breakdown on industrial societies.
Strangers in Their Own Land Letters to those on either side of the political divide suggesting what they have in common.
I'm Right and You're an Idiot Insights from Steve Rosell, a pioneer of using dialogue in polarized public conflicts.
Free Spaces Sara M. Evans and Harry C. Boyte on the role of community and communal activity for discovering what it means to live democratically.
Loneliness A rounded look at loneliness that reveals its complexity and influence in our public and private lives.
Just Help A cheerful book emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts.