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God as a Public Park Divine multiplicity as a welcoming space.
Ask Local Police, Fire Fighters, and EMTs to Host Teens A way to engage teens in social conscience and service.
An Interbeing Drawing An art project for children to illustrate the web of connections for an everyday item.
We Are on an Errand for Humanity Changing our course for good.
Devote Hobbies to the Common Good Encouragement to connect the hobbies you enjoy to the causes you support.
Birthday of Studs Terkel (PDP) Honoring the life and times of America's greatest chronicler.
Hold Family Councils Encouragement to use family councils as a commitment to the common good of your family and community.
Getting Grounded Tips for centering yourself before going online.
Democracy Poster Exhibition An art project to convey children's understandings of democracy.
Responding to Religious Customs An invitation to remove harmful religious customs from your life and to include the beneficial ones.