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Sunshine Cleaning A delightful dramedy propelled by the winsome performances of Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Alan Arkin
Bridesmaids A hilarious comedy with a sensational performance by Kristen Wiig as a woman stressing out during preparations for her best friend's wedding.
The Good House Portrait of an accomplished real estate agent suffering from alcoholism and the disease of playing God.
Phil Dramedy about a depressed middle-ager who tries to unravel the mysteries of life.
Black Swan A mesmerizing film about the self-destructive and dark dimensions of perfectionism and unbridled ambition.
The Joneses A satire that pokes fun of the ruses that corporations are willing to undertake in order to get more people purchasing their products.
Marley & Me A comedy about a wild, rambunctious, and playful dog who is a spiritual teacher par excellence of how to live in the present moment.
The Woman Who Ran The uses of conversation revealed in three visits to old friends.
The Scourge of Unemployment Readings, prayers, and films on the spiritual challenges of unemployment.
Foreign Letters A sensitive and lovely portrait of the slowly unfolding friendship of two preteen girls in America - one from Israel and one from Vietnam.