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Joan of Arc Leelee Sobieski plays this heroine as a valient young woman whose ardent faith and courage are put on display on the battlefield and in court.
Cop Land Features Sylvester Stallone in his best performance since Rocky.
The Summer of Ben Tyler Depicts the challenges of a lawyer with principles and a belief that it is always important to do the right thing.
The Whales of August A deeply moving drama about two elderly sisters who discover that it's never too late to change.
Amen. A morally provocative screen interpretation of Rolf Hochhuth's controversial drama The Deputy that excoriates the refusal of Pope Pius XII to speak out against the Nazi extermination of the Jews.
Time Out The involving French film which vividly conveys the soul-shattering debilitations of unemployment and the need to survive while adrift in the universe.
Night Falls on Manhatten Makes the important point that our values don't just determine what we do but who we are.
La Promesse A raw, intense, and engaging anatomy of a fifteen-year-old boy's moral coming -of-age in a bleak Belgian town.
Mother Night Helps us see that there is no escaping the burdens of living in a political world.
Casualties of War Based on a true incident during the Vietnam War, the film testifies to our hopes that there are a few ethical souls who believe the weak must be protected.