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Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale An extraordinary documentary about an unusual man whose questing spirit is a marvel to behold.
The Evening Star Explores the adventure of aging and the benefits of life review.
The Other Side of the Street An unusual Brazilian drama that shows it's never too late to move beyond the barriers of class, fear, and habit for the prize of love.
Waking Ned Devine A rollicking and playful comedy that encourages us to catch joy as it flies.
Nobody's Fool It is never too late to stir the ashes and to light up your life with the glow that comes from the love of family and friends.
Roommates A wonderful film that salutes the vital connections between grandparents and grandchildren.
A Sunday in the Country A bittersweet commentary on the injustice and dynamism of family politics.
Lonely Hearts An endearing tale of the ways in which love comes in its own sweet time.
Tell Me a Riddle Challenges us to face up to the rewards and pains of old age.
Islands in the Stream Explores the anxieties and sorrow of an aging man who's trying to come to terms with his loneliness.