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Alchemy of Light Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on the connections of pure love that link together all creation with the Creator.
Breakfast with Socrates Philosopher Robert Rowland Smith on why waking up in the morning is a wonder.
Transformation at the Base A richly developed overview of Buddhist psychology with insights into mind seeds, habit energies, stained perception, and seeing clearly.
The World of Shamanism Roger Walsh with a call to wake up to our self and our neighbor.
Teachings of the Christian Mystics Andrew Harvey on the Second Coming of Christ as a time of Love-in-Action.
Money, Sex, War, Karma David Loy on Buddhism and its treatment of attention in a world of data overload.
Thomas Merton An examination of the spiritual odyssey of this extraordinary Trappist monk.
The New Science and Spirituality Reader Twenty-eight essays promoting the fusion of science and spirituality to create planetary consciousness.
The Coming Interspiritual Age A map of the age of interspirituality presented with a rare blend of high-powered energy, enthusiasm, and zeal.
Awakening into Oneness Overview of a spiritual movement in India based on the power of blessing and the transfer of energy from one person to another.