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Alchemy of Light Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on the connections of pure love that link together all creation with the Creator.
Breakfast with Socrates Philosopher Robert Rowland Smith on why waking up in the morning is a wonder.
Transformation at the Base A richly developed overview of Buddhist psychology with insights into mind seeds, habit energies, stained perception, and seeing clearly.
Teachings of the Christian Mystics Andrew Harvey on the Second Coming of Christ as a time of Love-in-Action.
The World of Shamanism Roger Walsh with a call to wake up to our self and our neighbor.
Money, Sex, War, Karma David Loy on Buddhism and its treatment of attention in a world of data overload.
Thomas Merton An examination of the spiritual odyssey of this extraordinary Trappist monk.
The New Science and Spirituality Reader Twenty-eight essays promoting the fusion of science and spirituality to create planetary consciousness.
The Coming Interspiritual Age A map of the age of interspirituality presented with a rare blend of high-powered energy, enthusiasm, and zeal.
Awakening into Oneness Overview of a spiritual movement in India based on the power of blessing and the transfer of energy from one person to another.