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Contemplation is the normal evolution Contemplation is the normal evolution
Gunilla Norris in Sharing Silence A room devoted to silence honors
We give out in love We give out in love
Robert Barron in Heaven in Stone and Glass It is a commonplace of the spiritual masters
The Inner Experience Thomas Merton's praises of the virtues of the contemplative life.
In the Heart of the Temple Joan Chittister on a progressive Christianity that emphasizes contemplation, social action, and justice.
Bede Griffiths Bede Griffiths' innovative thoughts about interfaith encounters, or hospitality to another's beliefs.
The Inner Experience Describes the rewards and riches of this Christian spiritual practice.
Thomas Merton's Path to the Palace of Nowhere A six-cassette audio retreat that uses the spiritual teachings of this Trappist monk as a launchpad for living the contemplative life today.
The Better Part A helpful description of what takes place in contemplative prayer.