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Gunilla Norris in Sharing Silence A room devoted to silence honors
Robert Barron in Heaven in Stone and Glass It is a commonplace of the spiritual masters
Awe-Aerobics A practice suggestion from the Brussat's Alphabet of Progressive Christian Spirituality.
Contemplation on Interdependence Counsel on contemplating our interdependence and connections.
Paul Reps and Nyogen Senzaki in Zen Flesh, Zen Bones We all have the same colored bones
New Year's Eve Remember with gratitude the past year's challenges and joys.
Thematic Dance An exercise combining dance and poetry.
Ali Merad in Christian Hermit in an Islamic World Piety is not demonstrated exclusively
Mindfulness of Breathing A lush description of the collectedness that is mindfulness of breathing.
Removing Bias through Equanimity A set of steps to contemplate in order to transform reactions.