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Values & Visions Circles - Types of Circles Why we chose a circle model used for Values & Visions Circles for soulmaking, plus profiles of intimate circles, intentional circles, and open-call circles.
Values & Visions Circles - Things to Consider Things to keep in mind when planning a Values & Visions Circle: reasons to join, being intentional, people types, commitment, expenses, logistics, distractions, time.
The Shawshank Redemption A powerful drama that reminds us that hope is a precious and buoyant emotion that can give our lives substance and meaning.
Values & Visions Circles A Soulmaking Process Resources for Values & Visions Circles: spiritual practices, a 4-step soulmaking process, guidelines for circle conversations, James Hillman on conversation.
Starting a Values & Visions Circle Values & Visions Circles are groups of people who come together regularly to use movies, books, and spoken-word audios as catalysts for soulmaking. Here's how to start one.
Daughters of Dolma Visits to two Tibetan Buddhist nunneries where girls and women blend tradition with large dollops of the media and the secular world.
Hank and Asha A very imaginative take on modern romance and the yearning of lonely and isolated twentysomethings for an intimate relationship.
The Woman Who Ran The uses of conversation revealed in three visits to old friends.
The Best of Enemies A remarkable film of hope, daring, and vision about a process whereby enemies are transformed into friends.
There Is a New World Somehwere Two lonely souls trying to learn the steps of the trust tango as they travel through the South together.