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Pay It Forward A moral adventure story about an 11-year-old boy who starts a project of practicing kindness and compassion that spreads to others.
Nancy Drew A fearless teenage amateur detective models courtesy, passion, and creativity in her sleuthing activities.
Distant A thematically rich Turkish film about urban loneliness, the shame of unemployment, and the difficulty of practicing hospitality.
Our Idiot Brother A delightfully funny film about a modern-day holy fool who brings chaos into the lives of his sisters while opening their hearts at the same time.
The Extra Man A wonderfully quirky character-driven drama about friendship, sexual desire, and being a true gentleman.
My Neighbor Totoro A celebration of feminine sensitivity, the importance of the spirit world, respect for nature, and the pre-eminence of the spiritual practice of kindness.
The Borrowers Shows that courtesy not only keeps civilization humming but benefts all who practice it.
Leonard Cohen Live in London A very impressive concert displaying Leonard Cohen's melancholy songs and his Zen courtesy to his musicians.
Fading Gigolo A charming, funny and oddball drama about a gentle, quiet, and sensitive florist who knows how to give women pleasure.
10 Spiritual Takes on Downton Abbey How the TV miniseries Downton Abbey reveals us to ourselves.