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Fitzcarraldo A mesmerizing work of art about the adventures of a wild-eyed dreamer.
American Muslims A young Muslim in America offers her lively opinions on a variety of subjects.
Britannia Hospital An acerbic British black comedy.
The Way of Failure Convincingly stresses investing in loss, eschewing the lies of fame, and dismantling our projections.
The Designated Mourner A highly cerebral and thought-provoking movie based on a play by Wallace Shawn.
American Cultural Baggage A playful and thought-provoking work of cultural criticism.
The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe An appealing screen adaptation of Lily Tomlin's one-woman show.
Conversation Will speak to all those tired of the egocentric posturing and adversarial stance of so much that passes for talk today.
Days of Heaven A compelling adventure story and a riveting meditation on the soulscape of America.
The World's Greatest Ideas Applies imagination to the challenges of twenty-first century living and delivers a cornucopia of fresh ideas and proposals.