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The Bridge of San Luis Rey An unabridged reading of this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the meaning of life, love, and death.
Living Well, Dying Well Explores death as a great teacher and not an enemy.
Soul Making Alan Jones on living our lives from the point of view of our death in order to see with new eyes.
The Death of Innocents Makes a good case against capital punishment and for the positive value of compassion.
The Journey Home Seven gifts inherent in these experiences.
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying A spiritual classic on the last stages of life and the depths of the human mind.
Ethical Wills An invaluable resource for anyone on a spiritual journey who wants to bequeath the gift of meaning to others.
Living Our Dying Stories, practices and suggestions for dealing with this great mystery.
The Life of the World to Come Sheds light on important subjects to believers.
Treasure Hunt A novel about an unconventional preacher that offers a sturdy, expansive, daring, and very appealing vision of the Christian faith; one that is thumpingly alive with wonder.