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Facing Death Saint Benedict advised us to keep death daily before our eyes. How can we get beyond fearing death, wanting it out of sight and out of mind?
Sharon Salzberg in Faith To be driven by fear
Way of the Cross Fr. Daniel Lloyd’s adaptation of the “Way of the Cross” from Bishop Richard Challoner (1691-1781).
Transforming Fear of Death Larry Rosenberg with David Guy looking at Buddhist practices that help us pay more attention to death.
Using the "D" Word Joseph Sharp on the importance of paying attention to how we speak about and envision death.
The Blessing of the Earth A Scottish blessing for ease and kindness.
Three Poems and an Exercise Three poems, a snippet from a novel, and an imaginative exercise all seek to open our hearts and minds to the reality of death.
Birthday of Albert Camus Two philosophical gems to ponder from the French writer.
Smoothing The Way A blessing used for someone close to death from the Carmina Gadelica.
Laibl Wolf in Practical Kabbalah In Hassidic teachings we learn that the purpose