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Birthday of Mark Twain (PDP) A celebration of Samuel Langhorne Clemens' wit and wisdom.
Big Things/Small Things Advice on helping children have perspective.
Leaving Room for the Unknown Ways to respond to children's questions when solutions are difficult.
Interviews with Your Town's Elders, Council Members, or Local Authorities An interviewing project to learn what local leaders do.
Local Action Initiatives Recommendations for faith communities to get involved in community issues.
Go Interest-Free An invitation to consider the merits and applicability of an interest-free equity finance system.
Host a Soup Night with Neighbors A recommendation to connect and build relationships with your neighbors.
Neighborhood Walk Advice on exploring your neighborhood with a "spirit of inquiry."
Get Political Ideas for bringing appropriate political and civic engagement to your workplace.
Research on Your Water Supply A suggestion for a children's research project on your water supply.